Steven Raichlen's Barbecue! Bible

RIBS, Take 2


One of the best-selling items in Steven’s Best of Barbecue line of grilling products is a rib rack that holds four racks of ribs. (Find it at It was designed, of course, for indirect grilling, and fits perfectly in the center of a kettle grill.
But Steven’s assistant was forced to improvise recently when she learned, shortly after landing at LAX, that she was the designated cook for the evening and would be feeding her 20-something son and two of his buddies. So she slathered four racks of St. Louis-cut pork spareribs with mustard, sprinkled them with Steven’s All-Purpose Rub, and coiled each rack before pinning them with bamboo skewers. The side dish, she reports, was Steven’s recipe for Mac and Cheese (see page 653 of BBQ USA,). Although instead of grilling it, she was forced to utilize the oven.

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