Our friend, blogger Mick Vann, was invited to a very special barbecue featuring a whole steer. We’ve shared some of it with you already. As promised, here’s Part 2:
And here’s a link to Mick’s blogspot: Gustidude.
…there was a great nosh of grilled fresh fava bean pods…zip them open and enjoy the nutty treats inside:

…had some nice Malbec to go with:

…a pile of found deer antlers from the ranch:

…the table set up in the old corral under the monster spreading live oak:

Reina from the excellent Buenos Aires Cafe brought some delicious empanadas: light, flaky pastry encasing a rich filling of beef, garlic and onion, peppers, hard-boiled eggs, raisins, and olives. Their charm did not escape my gaping maw…several times.

Reina also brought a really simple but VERY nice garlicky vegetable-laden soup, perfect to chase away the chill:

….bowls of chimichurri were assembled, using green garlic and parsley straight from the garden, ready to slather on beef:

….sides were a superlative new potato salad:

…and the sweet, charred escarole with red onion, tossed lightly with sherry vinegar and olive oil:

…the slicing commenced and beeforama ensued……

….the way-incredible sausage was made by Lambert’s, a chunky, spicy, garlicky blend of beef and pork:

…the complete finished gut-busting plate:

…friend, wine expert, and author Wes Marshall and his lovely better half Emily were across the table and smiling broadly:

…there was a grand finish from Perla’s…a truly excellent tres leches cake adorned with fresh strawberries and strawberry sauce:’s a shot of the perfectly medium-rare haunch, post-feast:

ALL the chefs performed admirably and the crowd was absolutely gob-smacked. FANTASTIC food, grand setting, interesting crowd or chefs, writers, foodies, friends, ranchers, and what-not, a wonderful experience. When tickets go on sale for the event, DO NOT miss this thing!

By the way, the BEEF???? Freaking fabulous: tender, succulent, juicy, smoky….I could go on, but trust me.

For ticket info (which includes a free bus ride from ATX to the ranch and back), see:

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