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Gai Yang and Som Tom


Allan Dresner, left, and “Uncle Neow”.
Steven’s friend, Allan Dresner, an American currently living and working in Thailand, shared a recent blog with Steven. We’re reprinting parts of it here.
On my trips back to the States my first trip is always for a juicy burger and crispy fries. This has become an important ritual that connects me to the motherland. What I have come to realize is that as burgers and fries are in the states, grilled chicken and spicy papaya salad (gai yang and som tom) are in Thailand.


There are stands located throughout the country, but some of them have become legends. Above is one of those legendary stands. “Uncle Neow” has been cooking his unique blend for 21 years. The first 15 were at night, but he got tired of the late nights and has since become a daytime vendor. He says he sells about 40 kilograms of poultry a day, using key ingredients like hot peppers, garlic, more hot peppers, and then a few more in case ten was not enough. Of course, he says he will take his recipe to the grave.
If you find yourself on Thong Lor (BTS Thong Lor), look for Uncle and some great barbecue near J Avenue.


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