Steven Raichlen's Barbecue! Bible



We’ve always believed the most important profession in America is teaching. (If life were fair, teachers would earn hedge-fund caliber salaries. After all, we’re entrusting them with our future.) So it warms our hearts when we hear from a teacher like Allen Frecker from Hughes STEM High School in Cincinnati, Ohio, who thinks outside the box (the smoker box, that is!) when motivating students.
Recently, the school suspended regular classes for a week to allow the students to pursue special interest classes. Mr. Frecker hosted a week-long seminar in grilling and barbecuing which culminated in a barbecue cook-off. He used Steven’s books and videos as instructional materials, and plans to repeat the popular class next year. For his part, Steven sent the class an assortment of his Best of Barbecue rubs as well as thermometers.
For more information on “Big Red BBQ”–the name the students selected for their “enterprise”, go to Big Red BBQ
. You’ll find videos of the kids and by the kids, as well as recipes.

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