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A 4th of July Redux from the Boards of

This week on, I thought I’d take some time to showcase some of the grilling that’s being documented on our boards. Looks like a great 4th was had by all.
In Lexington, South Carolina, Dyall cooked up some grilled chicken sandwiches using my recipe for Cornell Chicken Marinade from BBQ USA.
Original Chicken Cornell Marinade.jpg
Courtesy of northeastern Mass, we’ve got a doozie of an herb-rubbed flank steak.
Flank Steak.jpg
Smokin’ Gal of Seattle topped off a smoked kobe dog with a wallop of chili and a healthy side of onion rings.
smoked kobe dogs.jpg
And finally, in Dallas, Griffin baked what looks like one heck of a chocolate bourbon pecan pie.
Pecan Chocolate Bourbon Pie.jpg
Grilling friends, I salute you. Thanks for showing off your wares, and keep up the good work.

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