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You’ve got to love those grilling accessories! From digital remote meat thermometers to iPhone apps, there are tons of gadgets out there to help backyard chefs. But if you are a gas griller, there’s one accessory you must never be without: a back-up propane tank.
I always include this advice in my top ten barbecue tips. Surveys show that more than half of the people who grill with propane have run out of gas in the middle of a cook, forcing them to finish the meal another way (or order take-out). That embarrassment can be avoided if a back-up tank is at the ready.


Here are more propane tank tips:
-Some gas grills come equipped with weight-driven gauges to help you know when your tank is getting low. In the absence of that (or other types of gauges), pour very hot water over the outside of the propane tank. Because the gas is cooler, a visible condensation line will form indicating the top of the gas level.
-I use an empty storage crate to keep propane tanks stable when transporting them home in my car.
-Avoid storing tanks of propane in your home or garage. A cool, well-ventilated outbuilding is ideal.
-If you are cooking for a crowd, designate someone to remind you to turn off the grill and the valve on the top of the propane tank.

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