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Having survived Hurricane Andrew and other storms, I know how stressed those of you living in Sandy’s path must feel. I wanted to share a few of the tips I’ve learned over the years here in hurricane-prone Florida. And a big thank you to some of my Facebook pals for sharing their advice, too.
-Cover and tie down your grills, including lids, so they don’t blow away or blow through your patio doors like a deadly projectile.
-Make sure you have extra propane and/or charcoal. If you lose power, your grill can become your kitchen.
-Never ever grill indoors. The deadly build-up of carbon monoxide could kill you and your family.
-To use your grill like an oven, set it up for indirect grilling.
-If you lose power and food in your refrigerator freezer begins to thaw, have a block party with your neighbors. Their food will be thawing, too, so it could be quite a feast!
-Make sure you have plenty of bottled water and nonperishable food on hand.
-Freeze water bottles and put them in your cooler for a makeshift ‘fridge.
-Fill your bathtubs with water for washing and bathing, and fill buckets for flushing the toilets.
-If the power outage goes on for several days and your refrigerator temperature rises, empty it and wash it out with soap and water. Prop the door open until it dries completely to prevent mold.
-Share food and water with neighbors or volunteers who pitch in to help with communal tasks like directing traffic or clearing debris. After Hurricane Andrew, locals directed traffic for nearly a week before the police took over.
-Never attempt to drive through water. Its depth is difficult to gauge. At the very least, you might damage your car. At worst, you might be swept away.
Good luck and be safe: Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

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