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BBQU 2013


It’s the ultimate gift for passionate outdoor cooks. But space is filling up fast for the country’s best hands-on grilling experience, Barbecue University at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Now in its 13th year, BBQ U was founded by Steven Raichlen, who teaches each 3-day session with the same enthusiasm he brings to his television shows and books.
Pictured above is Chicken Sate, which was part of the BBQ U curriculum this past June. It makes a great holiday dish. Find a similar recipe in Planet Barbecue.
Each class begins with a brief lecture, then students volunteer for dishes on that day’s menu–eight to ten recipes per day. Some 35 grills and smokers, from stainless steel “super grills” to specialty grills like kamado-style cookers and an ingenious Brazilian rotisserie, rim the large “burn area”.
The first session begins June 5 and the second June 9. Last year, the BBQ U was sold out by the end of December, so don’t procrastinate! Click on the BBQ U link at left for more information and details on how to sign up. Gift certificates are available, too.

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