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Steak Like They Grill It in France

Steak Like They Grill It in France

When asked the secret of great cuisine, the legendary French chef Fernand Point replied, “Butter, butter, and more butter.” A disk of compound butter–cut from a log conveniently stored in your freezer–never fails to take a great steak into the stratosphere. So please allow me to share some exciting news with you: Whole Foods (Northeast Division) has just picked up my Planet Barbecue Grilling Butters.

If you think a grilled New York strip is good, just wait until you taste it topped with black truffle butter as seen above. Or a veal chop with White Truffle Butter, grilled salmon with Meyer Lemon Herb Butter, or grilled corn with BBQ butter.

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And if you don’t live in the Tri-State area, you can order the butters online from Earthy Delights: Buy Grilling Butters

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