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Tools of the Trade: Hasty-Bake

Hasty Bake Ad

We’re starting a new series in which we look at American and international barbecue grills and smokers.

In the annals of American barbecue grills, the Oklahoma-built Hasty-Bake is one of the most singular cookers ever built. The design has changed little from the days when Grant Hastings first founded the company in 1948: an adjustable charcoal shelf beneath a glass-fronted firebox. This enables you to cook at high heat, low heat, and everywhere in between.

One big Hasty-Bake enthusiast is Adam Myers of Burn Co. BBQ in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All the food in this perennially packed barbecue joint comes off a collection of Hasty-Bakes in the trailer smokehouse out back.

Hasty Bake at Burn Co. BBQ

Have YOU ever used a Hasty-Bake? What do you like best about it? What do you use it for, and do you have any tips for coaxing out peak performance?