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Big Red Barbeque Starting ‘Em Young

Big Red Barbecue

We love hearing from teachers (in my mind the important profession) who use barbecue to teach life lessons to their students. The following comes from our teacher-friend Allen Frecker, who augments the academic curriculum at Cincinatti’s Hughes STEM High School with a week-long course called Big Red Barbeque.

Mr. Frecker shows episodes of Primal Grill and Barbecue University by way of orientation, then takes the students to a local barbecue emporium, City Barbecue, to learn about meat selection and basic smoking techniques. Next stop: Midwest Culinary Institute to spend the day concocting signature rubs and barbecue sauces and prepping the meats. On the third day, the students fire up their smokers for a barbecue competition / celebration, which culminates with the crowning of a King or Queen of Barbecue. In addition to mastering basic barbecue techniques, the students learn to use iMovie to create the instructional videos of their smoke mastry and complete work on the class website. Thanks to The Companion Group, the participating students received a Best of Barbecue grilling accessory–and of course–a lifelong appreciation for the wonderful world of barbecue.

Congratulations to this year ‘s Queen of Barbeque, Chinyere Larkin, for her “Cincy Sweet Beef Ribs.” You can check out Chinyere and her classmates’ work.

At what age did YOU first learn about barbecue? At what age do your plan to teach YOUR kids about live fire cooking? What do you consider to be the THREE most important lessons for young people to learn about barbecue?