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Introducing Ziplist

Introducing Ziplist

Once in awhile (actually a lot more than once in a while), I get emails asking for help finding one of my recipes. Some of you rely on these recipes so much that your book pages are stained beyond recognition or completely falling out altogether (thank you for that).

For once, technology is about to make your life simpler. The solution? Ziplist. Now you’ll be able to save all your favorite recipes from (and any other site) in one convenient place.

If you’re new to this type of thing, like I am, here’s how it works:


You can access your “recipe box” under the Recipes & Techniques section along the top navigation of the site. This will hold all your chosen Barbecue! Bible recipes, plus any that you compile from other sites.


When you decide to save a recipe for later, simple click the “Save Recipe” button above the ingredient list on the recipe page.

Besides holding all your recipes, Ziplist can be used as a meal-planning calendar to make an organized menu or as a shopping list that you can access at the store through the Ziplist app. You’ll never forget another ingredient again.

Ziplist-Recipe Box-630

Once you save to your recipe box, you can see all your go-to recipes, shopping lists, and grocery deals in one place. If you’re a type A griller, then live-fire cooking just got easier.

I hope you enjoy this new feature! Share your thoughts or questions with the community on the Barbecue Board and let us know how Ziplist is working for you.

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