My New Book, Man Made Meals, is Here

You may have heard a rumor that I’m writing a book that is not about barbecue.

Yes, it’s true. It’s called Man Made Meals: The Essential Cookbook For Guys, and it’s about everything a man should know how to do in the kitchen—from shucking oysters to cooking up kick-ass chili to flambéing a dessert—because cooking well is the best way to eat well and bring pleasure to your family, friends, and most importantly, to yourself.

This being a book for guys, of course I cover grilling—from a Crash Course on Barbecuing and Grilling to killer recipes like New York Strip with Anchovy Butter. Classic shish kebab? Check. The ultimate burger? Check. To give you a taste of what’s to come, try the recipe for my Baby Back Ribs with Raichlen’s Rub and Cider-Rum Barbecue Sauce.

Baby Backs with Cider-Rum Barbecue Sauce

Baby Backs with Cider-Rum Barbecue Sauce

But what sets Man Made Meals apart from my other books is that it also covers the tools, techniques, and flavors you need to produce an awesome meal indoors. Having helped guys up their game at the grill, I wanted to make sure we’re equally comfortable (and dare I say brilliant) in kitchen—especially for guys who live in apartments and don’t have access to grills (or pretty much anyone who had to live through the freakishly bad snowstorms this winter).

There are more than 300 recipes in the book—complete with drop dead gorgeous photos by Manhattan photographer Lucy Schaeffer. My favorites? That’s like naming your favorite child, but let’s just say that the Mile High Pancakes, Anchovy Hot Tub, Beer Braised Pot Roast, Chicken Calzone, President Eisenhower’s Trout, Loaded Potatoes, and Three Philosophers Brownies have become staples at the Raichlen house.

Mile High Pancakes

Mile High Pancakes

But there’s a lot more to Man Made Meals than recipes. You’ll meet major “Food Dudes” like Stanley Tucci, Andrew Zimmern, and Michael Pollan (and learn their philosophies and secrets of cooking). You’ll learn how to talk to your butcher and fishmonger, how to buy cheese and chocolate, and how to woo that someone special with two irresistible chocolate desserts. Think of this as The Joy of Cooking for guys. More than 600 pages in all.

The book was just released today, so pick up your copy to start working on your kitchen skills. Our own Barbecue! Bible community member Rob Baas said, “It’s the book I wish my parents would have given me before I moved out. Seriously, my life would have been different if I read it in college.”

Will you rise to the Man Made Meals challenge? Your friends, wives, kids, girlfriends, colleagues, and fellow Barbecue Board members are counting on you.

Get the book.

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