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See My New iBooks Room

See My New iBooks Room

First, a Reddit AMA, and now a place where you can find all the digital versions of my best books. I’m certainly embracing the 21st century! I’m pleased to announce that you can now visit the new Steven Raichlen room on iBooks. The room is full of all my eBook titles, including my new book, Man Made Meals, and this site’s namesake, The Barbecue! Bible.

If the dad in your life is a grilling- and barbecue-obsessed technophile, then give him a package of eBooks for Father’s Day this weekend. He can prop up his eBook reader as he mixes his favorite rub recipe or use it as a reference when he tries a new technique on the grill.

See all the eBooks we have to offer:


Visit the room on iBooks now.

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