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Feeding the Fire: Barbecue Lessons from Joe Carroll

Check out these espresso-crusted St. Louis cut spares. Then imagine yourself at Fette Sau BBQ, home to some of the spiciest, smokiest, soulful-est ’que in America’s newest barbecue capital: Brooklyn.

Now Joe Carroll, the mastermind behind Fette Sau, has written a barbecue book that’s not just full of irresistible recipes, but is structured around 20 essential lessons for anyone who wants to cook with fire at home. Carroll delves into hot subjects like types of wood, cuts of beef, craft beer, and brining and salting.

If smoked meats and smooth-sipping whiskey are your religion, Feeding the Fire is your prayer book. Come worship at the altar of smoke and fire with Brooklyn’s high priest of barbecue, Joe Carroll.

Feeding the Fire book cover

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