Grilled and Smothered Artichokes from the Vegetable Butcher

Grilled and Smothered Artichokes

From The Vegetable Butcher. Photo by Matthew Benson.

You may be able to carve meat, but butchering vegetables…? Today’s guest blog post comes from fellow Workman Publishing author, Cara Mangini, who wrote a fabulous book called The Vegetable Butcher. Yeah, I know, most of you are unrepentant carnivores—me too—but these gorgeous and unbelievably tasty grilled artichokes sure made me sit up and take notice. We’re talking top-ten-dishes-of-the-year delectable, which is why you should consider adding The Vegetable Butcher to your library.

But let’s let Cara speak for herself.


My Italian grandfather and great-grandfather were butchers, the traditional kind who could gracefully carve out a tenderloin and butterfly a chicken. I can wield a knife as well, but I use mine against the curves of a stubborn butternut squash and to cut thin ribbons out of crinkly kale.

Let’s start your vegetable butchering education with artichokes.

I love to eat artichokes every which way, but I must admit, getting my hands a little dirty pulling apart charred and dressed leaves might be my favorite. Here I steam the artichokes, marinate them in a lemony vinaigrette, then grill them until they are marked with a good sear. I toss them again and serve with juicy lemons that have also spent time on the grill. The artichokes are already smothered in vinaigrette, so no dipping sauce is required. They are perfectly messy, saucy, and delicious.

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The Vegetable Butcher