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New Grilling and Smoking Accessories from Best of Barbecue

New Grilling and Smoking Accessories from Best of Barbecue

Many of you know my Best of Barbecue products—over the years we have released more than 100 grilling tools, fuels, and accessories designed to help you grill your way across Planet Barbecue. The newest additions to my line are available online now—from fuels to generate fragrant wood smoke to new silicone gloves that protect your digits from the flames to a notebook that helps you log your successes in taking your barbecue to the next level. Read below for what I hope are the most useful and durable BBQ accessories you’ll add to your collection this year.

Silicone gloves

Best of Barbecue Silicone Food Gloves
Many of you have used my 248° heat-safe insulated food gloves with great success. These new, orange silicone gloves with raised ridges for a secure grip are heat-safe up to 475° Fahrenheit, and protect the wrist and arm. Put that new temperature-safe material to good use with minimal fuss! These gloves can be worn on either hand, and are dishwasher safe. Grime, oil and grease will wash right off.

Smoked Food Log Book

Best of Barbecue Smoked Food Log Book
Ever smoke the perfect brisket and then try to replicate it and miss a critical step? Don’t reinvent the wheel every time you smoke: Use this Smoked Food Log Book to keep track of the kinds and weights of the food, internal and smoking temperatures, seasonings, woods, smoking times, and your results. From smoked Lemon Sesame Chicken Wings to Baby Back Ribs, with each entry, you’ll be able to improve on your recipes and techniques for the ultimate smoking experience.

Smoking pucks

Best of Barbecue Stainless Smoke Pucks
These small-but-mighty smoke pucks pack even more punch than traditional smokers. The pucks’ directed vents force the smoke out exactly where you want it: onto your food. This set of two pucks also allows you to surround your meat with flavor, and their small size lets them get in close. These versatile pucks burn either wood pellets or traditional wood chips. Even better, you can skip soaking the chips ahead of time and pour them right into your smoke pucks.

Himalayan salt brick

Best of Barbecue Himalayan Salt Brick
When used as a cooking surface, the Himalayan salt brick imparts subtle flavor onto food, resulting in a milder flavor than when using ground salt. This salt brick can also be heated and used to press food on the grill like this soulful recipe for Salt Brick Grilled Chicken. This increases surface contact with a heat source, speeds up the cooking process and flavors your food from the top down for delicious results.

Maple and cherry wood chips

Best of Barbecue Maple Wood and Cherry Wood Smoking Chips
We designed these easy-to-use, all-natural maple wood and cherry wood smoking chips in order to offer wood chips that do not contain herbicides or other chemicals. Each box will impart its own unique flavor to all your outdoor cooking, and can be used on gas or charcoal grills or smokers. Other wood chip varieties can be found in our store.

Project Smoke t-shirt

Official Project Smoke T-shirt
Wear the same t-shirt that the crew of Steven Raichlen’s Project Smoke wore during the filming of Season 2! Made from 100% cotton, this comfortable, casual and loose-fitting t-shirt is sure to become one of your favorites.

And it’s not out yet, but take a sneak peek at my cast iron smoking platform, available soon.

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