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Smokin-It Smokers and Accessories

This blog post is brought to you by Smokin-It, which provided advertising support.

If you’ve been reading this blog, watching the Project Smoke TV show or using the new cookbook this year, you have seen the trend toward smoking (otherwise known as “the new grilling”). Moment of truth: have you joined the Project Smoke movement and tried it at home yet? If not, you are out of excuses: come on in, the water is fine.

Whether you have purchased your own smoker or simply sampled the smoked foods others have produced, you may have heard of Smokin-It. The four boxy smokers are gaining popularity among enthusiasts, even being used at a handful of restaurants.

The proof is in the pudding (make that bacon): You can read the frequent, enthusiastic posts by early adopters on their forum. Most notably, the pork recipe forum will lead you down the rabbit hole with over 6,400 posts to peruse. Pork butt for pulled pork, baby back ribs, St. Louis Jerky… the list goes on, and each of these cuts is more than doable in this family of smokers.

When considering Smokin-It, don’t miss the multitude of racks and accessories available on their site—from seafood to whole turkeys, these smokers can do it all. Pay close attention to the cold smoking racks, perfect for smoked cheddar, scallops, and other foods that require a minimal amount of heat.

See the Smokin-It in action on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. And visit their site at smokin-it.com.

3 Recipes to Try in the Smokin-It:
Canadian Bacon
Whiskey-Cured Cold Smoked Salmon (don’t forget about their cold-smoking plates!)
Bacon-Apple Crisp