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Grilla Grills: New Design on a Pellet Grill

Grilla Grills: New Design on a Pellet Grill

This blog post is brought to you by Grilla Grills, which provided advertising support.

According to “Grilla Lore” the designers of this uniquely-constructed product sought to create a pellet grill “that stands apart, literally, from the crowd.” And so they have. With the advent of the vertical Grilla Wood Pellet Grill, the team at Grilla Grills has quite literally turned smoking on its head.

The grill itself functions similarly to other pellet grills, with added Set ’n Forget digital temperature control and Autostart capabilities that will take the guesswork out of your next cookout. Consider those features next to its easy assembly, and one can deduce that the product engineers had ease of use top of mind when they designed this grill.

If you want to know more about the Grilla’s construction, you can get a good look inside the Grilla and its construction by watching their quick assembly video:

We’ve covered several of the pellet grills available on the market now in our Guide to Pellet Grills, and this Grilla falls in the middle price strata with its MSRP of $799 (currently available if you buy directly from their site at For add-ons, our friends at GrillGrates have partnered with the folks at Grilla to create custom-fit grates you can find among the other accessories on the site. Oh, and who could resist their pepper rack featuring a primate?

Get some new recipe ideas on their site, and be sure to share your smoking stories with us on the Barbecue Bible Facebook and Twitter accounts!

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