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Butchery Basics: Know Where Your Steak Comes From

Butchery Basics: Know Where Your Steak Comes From

From our friends at Strauss Brands who provided the tasty beef for Project Smoke and masterfully answered What Is Grass-Fed Beef and What’s So Great About It? comes a helpful video on breaking down cuts of beef:

Porterhouse. And T-bone. Two of the most revered cuts among steak fanatics everywhere. Check out this video from Mark Goessl and Lori Dunn of Strauss Brands to learn the difference and how to cut an amazing bone-in strip steak. Then click here to learn how to cook them in Raichlen’s inimitable caveman style.

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  • DallasM

    Nice vid – very informative. Regarding the ‘grading’ of the meat, I’m curious – do they determine the grades of the meat at the time that it’s cut, once they see the marbling? Or are the grades predetermined based on the farm the cattle was raised, or it’s breed?

    Good stuff, Steven.

    • Neal Marrison

      Dallas, After the beef has been slaughtered and hung at the slaughter house an inspector looks for the marbling, etc. and rolls an food grade ink marking onto the entire carcass with the grade.