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Join the Grill Masters Club

Join the Grill Masters Club

This post is brought to you by Grill Masters Club, which provided advertising support.

Are you a budding barbecue and grilling enthusiast looking to improve your skills on the grill? Or a veteran grillmaster stuck in a rut using the same recipes every week? Or maybe you’re just someone searching for the perfect Father’s Day gift for the barbecue and grilling-obsessed dad in your life.

Enter Grill Masters Club.

Grill Masters Club offers a box of BBQ goodness delivered to your door every month. Each box includes 4-5 high quality items including rubs, sauces, marinades, recipes, wood chips, and other grilling accessories that you’ll be keen to add to your BBQ “toolbox.”  Each product is hand-picked and taste-tested by a certified barbecue judge, so you know you’ll be receiving top-shelf, thoughtfully selected items.

For novice but enthusiastic grill jockeys, a little guidance and access to quality products can go a long way in helping you improve your grilling and smoking skills.  The Club’s recipes, and grilling tips will put you on track to becoming a more confident and seasoned grillmaster. Likewise, the art of grilling can only be mastered with experimentation. A new box of BBQ products each month will encourage barbecue and grilling veterans to step out of their comfort zones and explore new flavors, recipes, and techniques.

Before you know it, you will have a few new staples for your backyard BBQ.

Order your Grill Masters Club box before June 12th if you’d like it in time for Father’s Day.  If you purchase a box as a Father’s Day gift after June 12th, don’t worry as Grill Masters Club will have you covered.  They’ll send you a gift certificate to let Dad know that you got the best gift for him for Father’s Day and that it will ship at the beginning of July. (And if you’re an enterprising father looking to receive this box, be sure to share this post with your family so they can order it for you!)

If you aren’t looking for a Father’s Day gift, order a box for yourself and fuel your barbecue and grilling passion.

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