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The BBQ Board Has Moved!

Here at Barbecue Bible, we love hearing from our community of grillers, smokers, and meat fanatics. Have you recently tried curing your own bacon? Did you visit a new barbecue joint that the whole world should know about? Do you have a live-fire question that Steven can help answer? Allow us to introduce you to our BBQ Board community with its new home on Reddit.

The BBQ Board is where you can ask your BBQ questions, share your tales from the grill, connect with Steven directly, and more. Stop by and introduce yourself to our vibrant community and let us know what kind of equipment you’re working with and what your specialty on the grill is. Pose a question that’s been stumping you to our grillmasters (or Steven) for some expert advice from the field. We’re posting new discussion topics all the time, so there’s always lots to catch up on.

Take a look at the entire board to join the conversation. Or come by to tell us about YOUR favorite sauce, rub, marinade, baste, butter or glaze in our new thread here.

We love hearing from you!

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