Social Grilling with iBBQ’s Angara Dining Table

Social Grilling with iBBQ’s Angara Dining Table

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If you’ve been watching Project Fire on PBS, no doubt you have seen Steven Raichlen grilling on the gorgeous Angara Maximus. iBBQ’s ingenious grill table is more than the sum of its parts. A sexy outdoor dining table with an innovative gas grill built into it, the Angara represents a movement: Social Grilling™.

The experience of grilling as a group while seated around the Angara makes cooking a communal affair, rather than a solitary task relegated to the host. If you want to get out from behind the grill and let your guests prepare their food just how they like it, with no lukewarm dishes awaiting the well-done steak orders, this is the grill for you! Remember fondue parties? Love a lively hibachi outing? Social Grilling™ is at the heart of an Angara dinner party—satiating appetites for both food and fun.

5 Easy Steps to a Fantastic Angara Grill Table Bbq Party

1. As you buy and prep the food for your party, remember that you don’t have to keep it simple for fear of handling multiple meats with various cooking times. Forget the bland hotdog and hamburger menu; with each person in your dinner party grilling their own food, marinade a variety of options: steak, chicken, shrimp. Steven Raichlen’s amazing Plantation Shrimp with Spiced Rum Glaze Recipe, courtesy of Project Fire, is definitely a crowd pleaser. Kebabs are also an easy way to grill veggies and meat together and ensure a beautiful presentation.

2. Invite kids too! An interactive dinner is the perfect way to get the smart phone junkies off their devices and back into a live conversation! The Angara enables activation of each individual grill; if you want younger children seated away from hot surfaces, just turn off one grill at their end of the table and help them cook their food on the parents’ section. Or kids can wear oven mitts and get in on the action. iBBQ’s Angara Maximus takes safety to a new level with a keyed child safety lockout switch so tiny hands aren’t tempted to try grilling when adults aren’t on deck.

3. The Angara Maximus model also features programmable Wifi color LED lighting, to literally light up the party!

4. Serve some fun adult cocktails. Add more fire to your Angara gathering—it means the “the fire within,” by the way—with our favorite Fiery Margarita Recipe.

5. Detest the task of cleaning the grill after a party? All the grill parts of iBBQ’s Angara grill go right into your dishwasher. Boom, bang, done.