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Save Money: Make Your Friday Night Pizza at Home


It will come as no surprise to our readers that October contains another food holiday perfect for grillers: National Pizza Month. We’re putting our own spin on this holiday, to push ourselves to make our own pizza at home rather than order our traditional Friday night pies delivered!

Not only will homemade pizza be fresher and better tasting, it will also save you money. Get started with the recipes and tips below to really make the most of this spectacularly versatile food.

By the way, combining these ideas with National Sausage Month and National Pork Month suggestions could make for the perfect, meaty pizza.

1. Save Dough By Making Your Own Dough
Once you get the hang of it, making pizza dough is a simple task and can save you money and a trip to the grocery store. Not only is homemade dough less expensive than prepackaged, it will also wow you with its taste when grilled!

2. Cook it in the Grill
We’re a little biased, of course, being avid grillers. But a grill, whether charcoal, wood-fired, or gas, comes the closest that most home cooks can get to achieving the high temperatures (700 to 1000 degrees) routinely used by commercial pizzerias. It’ll make for crust that tastes like it was ordered at a high-end pizza joint, without the cost.

3. Try it with Potato . . . or Corn or Asparagus
This recipe for Bacon, Onion and Potato Pizzas is one of our most popular on It’s also one of the most versatile—you can follow the same steps with other vegetables and similar meats to use up what you have in the house. Nothing better than discovering a new variation you love using what’s in the cabinet!

4. Splurge on Pizza Tools
You may think this is counter-intuitive, but using some of the money you saved on delivery to buy pizza-making tools will make your life easier and get you flawless pizza every time. The right pizza stone, cutter, and pizza pan will make it easier to put together your family’s favorite Friday night treat.

Do YOU have any pizza-making tips? Share them with us on the Barbecue Board or on Facebook.

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