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5 Stellar Pork Recipes for the Grill


October is a month of celebrations, with Halloween and Columbus Day marking calendars across the country. What you may not realize is that it is also one of the most crowded months for food holidays. From National Taco Day to National Pumpkin Day (and everything in between!), this month is a veritable bonanza of food celebrations.

We’re excited that one of our favorite proteins is one of the foods being lauded this month: October is National Pork Month. To help you properly honor The Other White Meat(R), we’ve compiled‘s 5 Most Popular Pork Recipes of 2018.

1. Bourbon Brown Sugar Smoked Pork Loin
This classic recipe from BBQ USA was written for pork loin roast, which is readily available, quick to prepare, and easy to serve. But you can use a pork shoulder as an alternative. With both cuts, you’ll delight in the sweet, tangy, and smoky flavors pinballing around your tongue.

2. Barbecued Pork Belly
Smoked for 3-4 hours and then finished on a grill, this recipe for pork belly is mouthwateringly delicious, and can serve as an appetizer, part of a main course, and even served on sandwiches. Its versatility is sure make this one of your favorite recipes on this list.

3 and 4. Pulled Pork – Two Varieties
Easy to serve and easy on the budget, both North Carolina Pulled Pork and Korean Pulled Pork are great dishes for a crowd. It’s obvious why these recipes are tied for third most popular pork recipes, with the North Carolina version perfect for when you’re hosting a traditional gathering, and Korean for when you want to mix it up a bit.

5. Pork Loin Reuben
The butterflied pork loin is wrapped with bacon and stuffed with traditional reuben toppings: pastrami, sauerkraut, Dijon and gruyere. The combination of these flavors is both familiar and new, as the grill adds a new, smoky dimension to the traditional sandwich.

You can watch Steven prepare this recipe in Episode 106 of Project Fire, available here to stream online.

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