Cider and the Grill

Cider and the Grill

Apple cider—yes, cider!—will surprise you with its versatility at the grill.

From sweet-as-honey to sour-as-a-lemon, the winning contrast of fruitiness, acidity, and underlying savory qualities lend a mouth-watering depth to recipes well beyond the apple’s conventional domain of desserts and drinks.

For a prime example, take cider syrup (also known as ‘boiled cider’, made from reducing fresh cider), which makes a truly spectacular glaze for grilled meats. The sweet and sour counterpoints play well with the richness of lighter meats or seafood—be it pork, chicken, scallops, or even salmon. When brushed on near the end of grilling, it readily clings and caramelizes.

For an Asian-inspired twist, whisk a little soy sauce, garlic, and red pepper flake into the cider syrup before using it to finish grilled chicken or tofu, and then coat with toasted sesame seeds!  Yum!

Further inspirations include using hard cider or cider vinegar in marinades or barbecue sauces. Consider using fresh apple cubes in chicken kebabs with onions and sweet peppers, brushing on a tangy cider glaze to brown them up just before serving!

Check out the recipe for Cedar-Smoked Wild Salmon with Miso-Cider Glaze!

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