High Quality Meat from Independent Farms—Where to Find it Online

This post is brought to you by Crowd Cow, which provided advertising support.

One of the questions we often get from our readers is “Where can I buy a really great steak online?”. We’ve found the answer for you: Crowd Cow. Since 2015, they have worked to bring you healthy, high-quality meat from independent farms, which you can buy online. You get the exact cuts and quantity you want, delivered straight to your door.

What sets Crowd Cow apart is its attention to the source of the products they offer. All of the livestock are pasture raised with no hormones, on an independent farm run by a family whose goal is to deliver high quality meats. The hard work they put in shows in the excellence of the finished product.

Among the samples we tried was Crowd Cow’s Wagyu. The beef was amazing—marbled, rich in flavor and luxurious—in other words it’s the real deal. If you have never tried Wagyu now is the time! It is THE way to indulge over the holidays, and Crowd Cow is a source we trust.

We’ve got steak on our minds today, but it’s not just about the beef! Crowd Cow has chicken, pork, and exclusive cuts not sold anywhere else in the USA and can serve as your one-stop shop for craft meats sourced straight from the farm. All of their meat gives you full transparency into where your food came from, with no subscription, and no need to bulk order.

In case you need any more reason to give Crowd Cow a try: If you visit to place your first order, you will receive $25 off!

Watch a Crowd Cow Steak Unboxing to learn more about what you can expect when you order:

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