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Steven’s Top Ten Facebook Posts of 2018

Over the past year on Facebook, Steven Raichlen has shared recipes, techniques, and live videos from book tour and restaurants around the country. We’ve compiled his top 10 most popular posts below.

Spoiler alert: People love all things brisket! Speaking of, Steven’s upcoming book The Brisket Chronicles is now available for pre-order here.

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1. A Visit to Franklin BBQ in Austin, TX

2. Making Salmon Candy

3. A Fitting Grill for Star Wars Day

4. Brisket Instruction from the Photo Shoot for The Brisket Chronicles

5. Slicing a Brisket at Barbecue University

6. A Book Tour Food Stop for Wood Grilled Tacos

7. Grilling Wagyu Rib-Steak with Curtis Stone at Gwen in Los Angeles

8. Stopping for BBQ at Slap’s in Kansas City

9. Greetings from Camp Brisket

10. A Steak Sunday Instructional

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