Give Your BBQ The Pastrami Treatment


Perhaps you have experienced the joy of eating the artfully cured and assertively spiced smoked meat that is pastrami—whether from a classic Manhattan deli or even your local barbecue joint. Maybe you’ve further embarked on the gratifying experience of curing and smoking your own pastrami at home. After all, few things rival sinking your teeth into a pastrami Reuben that’s made with your own spice-encrusted and smoke-blasted pastrami beef brisket or navel.

But pastrami is more of a process than it is a single dish. It can be used to transform many different types of meat and cuts of beef. Here are some mouthwatering ways to give your BBQ the pastrami treatment:

1. Pastrami Beef Ribs

Beef ribs alone are eye-popping. Now take the biggest, meatiest beef ribs, brine and cure them in pastrami seasonings, smoke them over wood, and the result is positively irresistible. It eats like a barbecued beef rib, but tastes like pastrami!

2. Turkey Pastrami

If you are looking for more of a heart-healthy alternative to beef pastrami, try this turkey pastrami smoked and served on fresh rye bread with sauerkraut and homemade Russian dressing.

3. Pastrami Bacon

What do you get when you marry two of the greatest cured meats in the world? A bacon whose smoky flavor is complemented beautifully by the dark spicy crust of the pastrami. It makes for the ultimate BLT.

4. Porkstrami

Pork belly isn’t the only part of the pig to get the pastrami treatment. Transform pork shoulder into an amazing home-cured, home-smoked pork pastrami. It’s up to you to decide whether rye bread and mustard would be an enhancement or a distraction, but dishes like this can be devoured as is. Nevertheless, be sure to save some for later as it can be turned into a killer hash for breakfast.

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