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Underappreciated Beef: New Cuts to Try on Your Grill

This post is brought to you by Crowd Cow, which provided advertising support.

As you’ve heard from us before, buying meat online has become a common practice for grillers all over the country. Online orders can give you access to farm-fresh beef sourced across the U.S. without ever leaving your couch.

The convenience of having your meat delivered to your home is not the only benefit of online ordering. Taking your shopping online may also give you greater access to more cuts of meat than you would have locally. And when shopping online at Crowd Cow, not only do you get an unparalleled variety of craft meat, you get direct access into exactly who, where and how your meat was raised. You won’t find this kind of radical transparency anywhere else — the farmers’ names are on every cut you receive!

We’ve compiled a list below of three under-appreciated cuts of beef you can order online and prepare on your grill this week.


First Up: Tri-Tip

Crowd Cow Grilled Tri-Tip Steak

Long popular in Santa Maria Valley, this cut is tender and easy to prepare. Intensely flavorful on its own, adding a simple rub will enhance the beef’s flavor as a perfect weeknight meal. Get the recipe here.


Quick Recipe: Bavette (Flap) Steak

Crowd Cow Bavette Steak

From the same Bottom Sirloin Butt section of the cow as Tri-Tip, this thin steak is quick to marinate and grill, only needing 30 minutes with a sweet, savory marinade and 8 minutes over the flame. Get the recipe here.


On a Budget: Coulotte Steak

Crowd Cow Coulotte Steak

Coulotte comes from the same muscle as what is known as “picanha” in Brazil. An excellent cut on a small budget, the coulotte costs only $10 per 8 oz. steak without sacrificing any flavor. Get the recipe here.

Expand your repertoire with these cuts, and you may find a new favorite beef gracing your table this summer!


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