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Top 5 Tips and Tricks for Pellet Grills

Are you making the most out of your pellet grill? Here are five tips and tricks from our friends at Green Mountain Grills!

1. The reverse sear is a fun way to cook a great steak.

The reverse sear is a fun way to cook a great steak. Pellet grills are perfect for the reverse sear. You can smoke low at 150 degrees F. for max smoke at low and slow and then with the press of a button or an adjustment inside your APP, you can crank your pellet grill up to 550 degrees and add that sear for even more flavor. This gives you a perfect medium rare edge to edge. The built-in meat probes give you the ability to repeat your favorite internal temperatures.

2. Put cold meat into the smoker at a low setting for a smokier flavor.

This is a good trick for those large cuts of meat that you want to pull more smoke into. Next time you go for that long smoke on a brisket or even a Tri-Tip, try taking the cold meat that you have already dry rubbed right from your fridge into your smoker at a low setting. This will give you just a little bit more time for smoke to take hold.

Green Mountain Grills Pellets

3. Use the upper racks of your pellet grill.

One of the best accessories of a pellet grill are the upper racks. These give you extra space inside your cooker but they also decrease the radiant heat coming off the grease tray. An upper rack will allow for a more even cook and if you place a water pan under that rack, this will allow for those long brisket cooks to stay in an ideal environment.

4. The pizza attachment is a must have if you are a pizza fanatic.

The pizza attachment is a must have if you are a pizza fanatic. The genius of this attachment is temperature control with three types of heat. If you set the unit at 275 on your digital controller; you have a more than double surface temperature on your stone. The dome of the pizza attachment gives you a perfect radiant heat alongside the convection and conductive heats.

5. Use your pellet grill like you use your oven.

Let your creativity run. Anything you can do an oven, you can do on a pellet grill. Use different flavored pellets to add even more robust flavors to your foods.

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