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Turn Your Kettle Grill into a Two-Zone Cooking System


This post is brought to you by Aura Outdoor Products, which provided advertising support.

Kettle grills are among the most commonly used by our readers. Even when you might expand to add to your collection, your trusted 22” kettle grill remains a staple for use on all types of recipes. The Aura Outdoor Kettle Zone Cooking System is a tool you can use to enhance the way you use your steadfast kettle grill.

Long has Steven been a proponent of using both direct and indirect grilling methods to achieve the best-tasting results on your favorite grilling recipes. Both are achievable with your grill.

Aura Outdoor Kettle Zone Cooking System - Split

Direct grilling is what most of the world means when it talks of grilling: the food is placed and cooked directly over the fire. Typical foods that are direct grilled include steaks, chops, chicken breasts, fish fillets, vegetables, and bread.

Indirect grilling is designed to cook larger or tougher foods that would burn if direct grilled. It’s also used to cook tough cuts of meat, like brisket and ribs, that require long, slow cooking at a low or moderate heat.

But how do you achieve both direct and indirect grilling at one time on your kettle grill? Use the Kettle Zone Cooking System’s top rack and bottom level to convert your grill into two zones at once.

Aura Outdoor Kettle Zone Cooking System

The rack has a bottom level that holds a heat deflector or can be used for a wok, pot, or a searing grate. It also comes with two ceramic half moon heat deflectors and two half moon stainless steel cooking grates. Learn how to use them in the video below.

The full Kettle Zone Cooking System comes with 1-Base Rack, 2- Half Moon Ceramic Heat Deflectors, and 2- Half Moon Stainless Steel cooking grates. Find out more here.

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