Avoid Sleepless Nights: Control Your Smoker From Anywhere

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Barbecue is a sleep-depriving labor of love. Face it, we’ve all had sleepless nights in pursuit of a perfect brisket. While some pit masters turn to pellet-fueled cookers to simplify long cooks, others who seek the authenticity of real wood fire and all-natural smoke need an alternative to staying up all night loading your fuel.

A barbecue controller will solve your problem, and allow you to make adjustments to the temperature while on the go!


What is a controller and how does it work?

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BBQ tech has come a long way fast. Controllers start with meat probes, and pit temperature monitoring probes to measure your meat doneness and the smoker’s overall internal temperature. This sophisticated approach to temperature control allows you to be aware at all times of how the cook is progressing, and make informed decisions about your next steps. Controllers go beyond just measuring the temperature – the probes communicate in real-time with the smoker and with your smartphone, so you can monitor the cook from anywhere, and change temperature with the click of a button.

How do I fit a controller to my smoker?

Smartfire was the first cloud-connected barbecue controller that you can use with many of the popular cookers on the market. For owners of kamados like the Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe, barrel cookers like the Weber Smoke Mountain and Pit Barrel Cooker, drum smokers like Gateway and Hunsaker, and not forgetting Weber kettle style grills, Smartfire will work with your grill to allow you time for juggling kids sport and everything else life throws at you!


How does the controller’s app work?

The Wi-Fi, cloud and Bluetooth-connected Smartfire controller communicates in real-time with its companion app making it a sophisticated example of how you can manage temperatures. It helps you avoid overshooting your desired temperature, and has open lid detection to prevent flare ups. If you feel the need to tweak the temp, Smartfire lets you make adjustments from anywhere with the tap of a button.

Possibly more importantly, it becomes your cook diary so you can refer back to past sessions. Remember that amazing Christmas brisket? How long was the cook and what settings did you use? No problem, Smartfire remembers it all.

Here’s a shot of how the app looks:

Smartfire App Screenshots

So whether you’re looking to untether yourself from your smoker during long cooks, or get help with avoiding flareups and overshooting temperature, a controller is the way to go.


About Smartfire

Smartfire adaptors currently accommodate 20+ popular cookers, and its standard package comes with its fan-favorite automatic probe winders to alleviate the tangle of cords, and a ballistic nylon storage case for all its components.

Power is another key factor as many of us don’t have a power outlet close to our smokers. Handily, the Smartfire controller runs on 5 volt power via an included USB cable. So, you have the choice of using one of the smartphone plugs that we all have around the house, or a common mobile power bank can be used tailgating or camping.

The companion app is a free download for iOS and Android devices. The complete Smartfire package is available direct with free international shipping for $240.


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