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How to Grill Tender Meat Every Time: Low and Slow is Your Answer

This post is brought to you by BBQ Guru, which provided advertising support.

To learn how to serve the tenderest ribs, beef, chicken and pork, you must first understand why it’s such a challenge to produce. The reason lies in meat’s structure: it is naturally built around tough, chewy protein fiber structures called collagen. Collagen is difficult to chew and not terribly flavorful on its own. To achieve tender meat, you must break it down and make it “melt” into the meat.

Low and slow is your answer. Cooking at precise low temperatures over several hours breaks down the bonds between the collagen and meat we want to eat, and transforms it into the incredibly tender, tantalizingly juicy, and amazingly delicious BBQ we all crave.

Experience has shown us that temperature spikes will rapidly dry out your meat while temperature dips will leave it tough, chewy, or even undercooked. Maintaining the exact right level of heat is a Herculean feat without help.

The engineers at BBQ Guru deliver the help you need in the form of a their DigiQ device. DigiQ intelligently pulses oxygen over your coals to precisely control temperature. It adjusts itself automatically, leaving you free to focus on preparing other dishes or spending time with loved ones. Activating the “Ramp Mode” feature in BBQ Guru’s DigiQ even goes as far as detecting when your food is approaching its “done” temperature and shuts off the fan blades. That allows you more time to remove your meat at the perfect moment, avoiding the chances of overcooking.

We love the DigiQ for everyday use, with its “Ramp Mode” and easy to read display. But there are two other BBQ Guru products that may work well for you: CyberQ Cloud is high tech with voice control, smartphone alerts, and 3 probes for multi-use cook monitoring, while the portable PartyQ works great for camping, tailgating and other grilling on the go.

Whichever you choose, you’re guaranteed to enjoy the tenderest ribs, juiciest chicken and melt in your mouth brisket with help from BBQ Guru’s temperature control systems!