10 Best Grilling Gift Ideas for 2020

10 Best Grilling Gift Ideas for 2020

Let’s get the truth out there: Grillers and outdoor cooks don’t want socks for Christmas. Or aprons with silly sayings. And hold the sourdough starter, too. (We have a feeling a lot of that will be exchanged during the Remote Holidays of 2020.) But gifts that will help us improve our craft? Heck, ya! It’s in this spirit that we once again assembled our annual holiday gift guide for grillers and smokers. Chances are good you’ll discover something you want for yourself!


10 Best Grilling Gifts for Barbecue Lovers 2020

1. GRILLART Grill Brush

GRILLART Grill Brush

As Steven always says, maintaining a clean grate is one of the first rules of good grilling. This bristle-free brush has performed well for us on several types of grill grates, from porcelain to stainless steel. Its thoughtful design, long 17-inch handle, and sturdy construction have made it a best-seller. Tip: For best results, clean the grill while it’s hot. Dip the brush in water before drawing it over the bars of the grate.

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2. Shun 5.5-Inch Premier Nakiri Knife

Shun Premier Nakiri 5.5" Vegetable Knife

Little known in Western kitchens, nakiri knives are a very specialized type of Japanese cutlery designed specifically for cutting vegetables. This beautiful knife is made by Shun, the company that has supplied the set of Project Fire with fine blades over the years. The nakiri’s straight edge makes complete contact with the surface of the cutting board and efficiently slices through mushrooms, onions, peppers, eggplant, etc. (Most kitchen knives feature curved edges which can leave vegetable slices still clinging to each other by a thread.)

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3. Steven Raichlen Project Smoke Sauces and Rubs

Project Smoke Rubs

This holiday season, give electrifying sauces and rubs developed by America’s foremost authority on grilling and smoking, Barbecue Hall of Famer Steven Raichlen. The rubs include Santa Fe Coffee Rub, Kansas City Smoke Rub, Malabar Steak Rub, Carolina Pit Powder, and Greek Island Herb Rub. In the sauce line-up are Lemon Brown Sugar, Chipotle Molasses, Smoky Mustard, Cabernet Rosemary, Cherry Beer, and Spicy Apple. Perfect for people who are cooking more at home!

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4. Yummly® Wireless Meat Thermometer

Wireless Yummly® Meat Thermometer

Always get the results you want with this super-useful wireless meat thermometer. Choose your preferred doneness, adjust cooking settings, and track your cooking remotely with your smartphone or tablet using the free Yummly® app. Preset programs for meat, fish, and poultry eliminate the guesswork, while timers and alerts let you be confident in your cooking, even when you’re multitasking.

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5. Project Smoke Smoking Fuels

Raichlen Woodchips and Chunks for Grilling and Smoking

While many people believe the tradition of putting lumps of coal in Christmas stockings was developed as a rebuke or punishment (for “naughty” children), coal was actually a treasure because of its importance, during the 19th century, as a heating fuel. In one Victorian narrative poem, a poor family was overjoyed to receive enough coal to fill their cellar. Is there someone on your gift list who would appreciate a bag—or several—of smoking chunks or chips in iconic flavors like hickory, mesquite, cherry, or apple? Thought so!

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6. PolyScience Portable Food Smoker Pro

Is there anyone among us who doesn’t like to receive a “toy” or two for the holidays? Known as the “Smoking Gun,” this is the perfect gift for home cooks, professional cooks, or even mixologists who would love to add the inimitable flavors of wood smoke to their creations. Smoke Bloody Marys, Old-Fashions, ice cream, whipped cream, oysters, olives, shrimp, cheese, or many other foods with this ingenious device. Burns fine sawdust indoors or out.

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7. Lodge Cast Iron Round Griddle


Lodge Cast Iron Round Griddle

This South Pittsburgh, Tennessee, company has been in the cast iron cookware business for more than 100 year. We love its products, and highly recommend its versatile round griddle. Hungry for eggs, quesadillas, smashburgers, or grilled cheese? This griddle has you covered. Well seasoned to prevent sticking. It gets even better with use!

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8. The Brisket Chronicles by Steven Raichlen

The Brisket Chronicles

In this extremely popular book, Steven Raichlen shares his 50 best brisket recipes while showing us step-by-foolproof-step how to ’cue it, grill it, smoke it, braise it, cure it, and boil it. This is next-level comfort food: Texas brisket and Kansas City brisket, Jamaican Jerk Brisket, Old School Pastrami, a perfect Passover brisket with dried fruits and sweet wine, Brisket Ramen, even burgers. Plus what to do with the leftovers: the ultimate Brisket Hash, Brisket Baked Beans, Bacon-Grilled Brisket Bites. And for total mind-blowing pleasure, Kettle Corn with Crispy Brisket. You heard right. Pair with a 3.5 pound brisket flat from one of our favorite craft meat purveyors, Crowd Cow.

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9. Crowd Cow Japanese Wagyu A5 Prime Rib

Crowd Cow Japanese A5 Wagyu Prime Rib

One of the most indulgent food gifts we can think of is a Wagyu A5 boneless prime rib roast from Crowd Cow (see above) via Kagoshima farms in Japan. A5 is the highest rating bestowed on beefsteak by the Japanese government. The meat is so well-marbled, it looks, as Steven has noted, like fine white lace draped over a red tablecloth. Eating it is an otherworldly experience, one that will always be remembered. Currently $55 off for Barbecue Bible readers!

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10. OXO Good Grips Poultry Shears

OXO Good Grips Poultry Shears

The popularity of grilled spatchcocked chicken and turkey has made poultry shears with muscle a necessity! These shears feature the perfect balance of professional-quality cutting edges and soft, comfortable grips. The sharp stainless steel blades are ideal for trimming and cutting poultry, and the blades are curved and tapered to access hard to reach places. Plus a micro-serrated blade grips poultry skin and prevents slipping. A great stocking stuffer!

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