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Precision Brings Perfection in Cooking with ChefsTemp Thermometers.

I have tried several instant-read, multi-probe, and wireless thermometers with my own cooking and have set-up several of them on the set of Steven Raichlen’s TV show, Project Fire. Based on my experiments, I was looking forward to using these ChefsTemp thermometers with my next cook. I would like to thank ChefsTemp for sending them to us. ChefsTemp thermometers are some of the best thermometers I’ve used.

ChefsTemp’s Instant-Read and Multiple Probe Thermometer Review

To evaluate the ChefsTemp’s instant-read thermometer (Finaltouch X10), I grilled salmon and filet mignon. I discovered that the probe rotates around a total of 270 degrees, so I could check the temperature of my food from any angle. Nice feature if you are left-handed! I found the temperature was easy to read due to the large bright display and it was “instant”, only 1 second to get a reading. ChefsTemp claimed their finaltouch X10 is the world’s fastest thermometer. There were a few features that I thought were cool: the magnetic back, the hold button, and waterproof construction—a great feature if you (like me) grill or smoke come rain, shine, or snow. We have all gone to the grill without a grill glove or without eyeglasses. The hold button “holds” the temperature reading, so you do not have to expose your hand to a hot fire, and it allows you time to get your glasses on.

ChefsTemp Thermometers

I assessed the ChefsTemp multiple probe thermometer (Quad X Pro) while cooking a pork loin and whole chicken. I also used it during the smoking component for my reverse-seared filet mignon. I felt the set-up of the Quad X Pro thermometer was effortless. Perfect if this is your first probe-style thermometer. I was able to quickly adjust the high and low temperatures for the grill and the food by using the up/down arrows. The alarm for each of the four probes can be set by a single touch of the alarm on/off button. Each probe even has its own alarm sound and frequency. I was able to change the alarm volume with the up/down arrows right on the front of the main unit. The receiver also has a vibrating feature when an alarm is triggered.

ChefsTemp Thermometers

The main unit and the receiver have a magnetic back, bracket stand, and backlighting. The Quad X Pro comes with colored probe rings that eliminate the guess work of which probe is connected to a specific channel. I placed one colored ring on the lead near the main unit and positioned the other ring on the opposite end of the lead on the food and ambient temperature probes. The colored probes rings were one of my favorite features. They ensured I matched the right probe, display, and temperature alarm to the correct food.

ChefsTemp Thermometers

If it rains or snows while I’m cooking with a multiple probe thermometer, I place it a resealable plastic bag and leave the probes exposed. To test the waterproofing of the Quad X Pro, I left it out in the snow while running my second test; the only issue was snow covering up the display.

ChefsTemp Thermometers

I always have an instant-read thermometer at the ready when I am cooking steaks, burgers, fish, and chicken breasts. I utilize a multi-probe thermometer when cooking brisket, pulled pork and whole chickens. Even as an experienced live-fire cook, I want to know that my food is cooked to the ideal temperature. Due to the time, energy, and money that goes into my cooking, I would hate to ruin a dish by over- or under-cooking. If you want to improve your skills at the grill or smoker, I think you need (at least) an instant-read thermometer.

ChefsTemp Thermometers

8 tips to improve the performance of your thermometer.

  1. When checking the internal temperature of a boneless roast, insert the thermometer into the center of the meat at the thickest part.
  2. When checking the temperature of bone-in roasts, do not let the probe touch the bone or you’ll get a false reading.
  3. When checking the temperature of a whole chicken, insert the probe into the deepest part of the thigh, but not touching the bone.
  4. When checking the temperature of a steak, chop, chicken breast, or other relatively thin cut of meat, insert the probe through the side, not from top to bottom. For hot dogs and sausages, insert the probe through an end pointing toward the center.
  5. When cooking multiple items at once, make sure you match the right probe to the correct food. Setting the temperature for a whole chicken and but putting the probe in your pork loin would lead to overcooking. I have learned this the hard way.
  6. Keep a back-up set of batteries for long cooks. The Quad X Pro can be powered by a type-c cable.
  7. If your thermometer syncs to your phone, make sure you know the range and have the most updated version of the app.
  8. The ChefsTemp thermometers are waterproof. If yours is not, place the multiple probe thermometer unit in a resealable plastic bag when raining or snowing.

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