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A Guide to Building an Outdoor Kitchen in 2022


Summer may feel like it’s still a ways off, but if you’re looking to renovate your outdoor space in time for the warm weather, now is when you should start making progress. But if you’re still in the early stages, you might not be sure where to start or what to expect.

That’s where we can help! In our guide below, we’ve outlined five simple steps to help you when it comes to planning and building a BBQ island or outdoor kitchen. Follow along so that you can be grilling, roasting, and searing up a storm in your backyard in no time.

5 Tips for Building an Outdoor Kitchen

  1. Start Planning Now
    If you’re dreaming of a summer filled with the sizzling sounds of food on your grill and the smell of BBQ in the air, start putting your outdoor kitchen ideas into gear ASAP. Begin by checking out new BBQ trends and exploring the latest and greatest appliances to get inspired.

    Remember, though, not only does building an epic outdoor kitchen space require careful thought and planning, but it also requires plenty of time. That is, time needed to figure out your design, pick out your appliances, order your supplies, and install them. The sooner you start designing your outdoor kitchen, the sooner you can start grillin’!

  2. Building an Outdoor Kitchen

  3. Assess Your Outdoor Space
    Before you go to town ordering your dream BBQ set up, consider your outdoor area. Be realistic about how much space you actually have and what will comfortably fit.

    Do you have room for an elaborate multi-piece kitchen island set, complete with a grill, fridge, and refreshment bar? Or is something a little more compact more your speed?

    Grab your tape measure and determine exactly how much space you’re working with so you can find a design and layout that will best suit you and your outdoor area.

  4. Keep Supply Chain Issues in Mind
    The entire world is grappling with the supply chain chaos that has caused disruptions left and right, from labor shortages to delivery delays. So, what does that mean for you and your outdoor kitchen renovation?

    For starters, it may be tricky to get your hands on home renovation materials. Due to breakdowns in the supply chain and a surge in demand (you’re not the only one looking to renovate your home right now!), many products are out of stock, from appliances to furniture. As suppliers scramble to restock their inventory, you might find yourself pushing back your timeline as you wait for those products you’ve been eyeing to come back in stock.

    Building an Outdoor Kitchen

    Also, you may need to brace yourself for higher prices. A simple lesson in supply and demand will tell you that when demand increases, prices do, too. For instance, there’s a major lumber shortage right now, so lumber prices have surged. As of January 2022, lumber costs have nearly tripled since their previous rates in August of last year. And as demand continues, prices are expected to stay high, which means you might need to adjust your budget accordingly.

  5. Narrow Down Your Options
    Once you’ve brainstormed outdoor kitchen ideas, measured your outdoor space, and adjusted your expectations regarding timing and pricing, it’s time for the fun part: choosing your appliances!

    There are so many incredible BBQ kitchen island options; it’s just a matter of deciding what best aligns with your preferences. You’ll find outdoor kitchen packages offering the whole nine yards, with a gas grill, fridge, cabinets, and trash drawer. But you’ll also come across the best built-in BBQ grills on the market, like the Blaze built-in grill. This state-of-the-art grill is ideal for any outdoor kitchen or BBQ island, as it features all the must-have features—and then some. Boasting three stainless steel H-burners, searing rods, a rotisserie kit, and heat zone separators, this grill will take your grilling game to the next level.

  6. Building an Outdoor Kitchen

  7. Get Inspired
    Once you’ve taken the above tips into account when planning and building your BBQ island, you can start brainstorming all your future grilling creations on your Blaze built-in grill. This versatile grill is great for going beyond basic American BBQ and experimenting with new BBQ trends, like those that focus on global cuisine and styles.

We’re seeing a growing number of grillmasters exploring BBQ techniques and dishes from around the world, such as Brazil, Vietnam, Mexico, Africa, and Korea. In fact, Korean BBQ has really taken off in 2022, as grillers are eager to throw marinated meats that exude honey, soy, and chili flavors over the open flames. Try your hand at grilling up some authentic Korean kalbi-style short ribs, or go with a traditional grilled bulgogi recipe—the options are deliciously endless.

Building an Outdoor Kitchen

Don’t let the supply chain issues disrupt your summer BBQ plans. The key is to start planning and building your BBQ island today. Begin by browsing specific brands and products at BBQ Outlets to see what’s currently available and what might be a good fit for your outdoor setup. The sooner you start ordering your BBQ equipment, the sooner you’ll be chilling and grilling in your new backyard space.

Author Bio: After tasting his first American-style barbeque in the 90s, Surinder Multani got so fired up about backyard grilling that he eventually turned his passion for food and cooking into a business when he founded BBQ Outlets in 2005. Specializing in gas grills, barbecue islands, and the Smoker, Surinder expanded his BBQ equipment line to also include patio furniture, fireplaces, and an expert design team.

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