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Project Fire Season 4 is Just Around the Corner

Project Fire Season 4 is Just Around the Corner

Another season of Project Fire? What could Steven Raichlen possibly add to his extensive repertory of live-fire cooking shows? If you have to ask the question, you don’t know Steven, for this year’s show is jam-packed with new content, attractions, and recipes.

For starters, we have a new location—our first ever urban setting—that Mecca of midwestern barbecue: St. Louis. And being in St. Louis, we’ve invited some of the city’s top chefs and pit masters as guests, from Balkan grill masters Edo and Loryn Nalic to David Sandusky of Beast. And this year, recognizing the growing importance of social media in the world of live-fire cooking, we’re devoting an entire show to barbecue influencers.

Steven Raichlen's Project Fire Season 4
Susie Bulloch and Derek Wolf

Project Fire Season 4

Back this year, even bigger and better, is the Project Fire Mystery Box, in which Steven receives a mystery ingredient and spontaneously creates a recipe on the set. Other shows in this year’s lineup focus on Extreme Grilling, Game Day Grilling (our tailgating show), Wagyu Demystified, and Sandwiches Hit the Grill. We even have a show on breakfast. What won’t change are Steven’s entertaining elucubrations, lucid teaching style, and innovative recipes. Innovative? When’s the last time you experienced rib “wings,” turkey “ribs,” Buffalo-style brisket burnt ends, or lomo al trapo (beef tenderloin grilled in a salt crust and wine-soaked cloth in the embers)? Project Fire 4. It’s not just another cooking show. It’s a whole new barbecue ballgame!


Project Fire Season 4 will hit the airwaves soon! So check your local listings.

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