Holy Grail Steak’s Ogata Farm Wagyu Strip Steak

Holy Grail Wagyu Strip Steak

I have cooked my way through most of the steaks Holy Grail Steak has to offer. Each steak has unique characteristics that will motivate you to order one over the other. And they are all delicious. I thought I had tried them all until I was sent the Ogata Farm Maezawa beef Japanese Wagyu strip steak.

Maezawa beef from Ogata Farms is considered some of the highest quality beef from Japan and feasting on this Wagyu is considered a delicacy. The strip steak comes from the top of the short loin located behind the ribs. The longissimus muscle (strip steak) doesn’t do much, so it is a tender steak. Its tenderness makes it a popular cut of steak. There is an edge of fat on the strip steak, and it is well-marbled. The marbling in the A5 Wagyu Strip steak from Ogata Farms was next level.


You’ve all heard Steven Raichlen say where your food comes from is just as important as how you cook it. That is true with the Ogata Wagyu strip steak. The cattle at Ogata Farms live in a “stress-free” environment and are fed a special diet to ensure their meat has the best flavor. No hormones are ever used on these cattle.

During my research for the best way to cook an A5 Wagyu strip steak, I discovered it should be cooked in a cast-iron pan or on a plancha, not over live fire. I was initially surprised, but once I saw the fat render from the strip steak it all made sense.

Wagyu Strip Steak

I also learned that the final internal temperature (doneness) for a Wagyu steak is different for Japanese vs. American Wagyu steaks. Japanese A5 Wagyu is typically cooked to 135 degrees, but American Wagyu is only cooked to 125 degrees.

I usually season steak with kosher salt and fresh cracked black pepper. But Japanese Wagyu is generally seasoned with just salt. I added the black pepper out of habit.

I decided to cook the strip steak on a plancha on my gas grill. I felt the gas grill would be the best way to control the temperature of the cook. I placed a plancha on the gas grill to preheat. I knew the plancha was hot and ready to go when a few drops of water evaporated immediately.

Strip Steak

Cooking Wagyu Strip Steak

I’m not sure if this is the norm when cooking a Wagyu strip steak, but I held the strip steak on its side with tongs and used fatty edge of the steak to lubricate the plancha. The strip then cooked on one side for two and half minutes, I flipped it over and cooked another two and half minutes to reach an internal temperature of 135 degrees.

I let the steak rest and sliced it in half-inch slices. I used a carving knife, but it was so tender, I could have sliced this steak with a spoon. Based on all the steaks I have tested from Holy Grail Steak I knew eating the Ogata A5 Wagyu strip steak would be an experience that should be shared. My wife, my sister-in-law, and our niece joined us for the event. The anticipation of eating the strip steak made it feel like a special occasion.

It was finally time to sit down and eat. I know my description of the A5 Wagyu strip steak will fall short of the actual taste and experience. Here we go.

Initially, there was silence as everyone had their first bite. Then there were lots of wows!, oohhs and ahhhs. The first thing my niece asked me was, “Did you cook the steak in butter?” My sister-in-law was floored by how tender the steak was… “The steak melts in my mouth” was one of her many comments. “This is delicious!” was my wife’s first comment.

Wagyu Strip Steak

Students returning to school often write about what they did over the summer. Jokingly, I asked my niece if eating an A5 Wagyu strip steak would make the cut. “Definitely!” was her response.

The high heat of the plancha created a crusty exterior on the strip steak. I think the coarse pieces of salt and pepper added texture to the steak and balanced the luscious inside. I also think the black pepper cut some of the richness of the steak. Each bite was succulent and felt like it would just melt in your mouth. The marbling was visible in every slice of the strip steak. There was an enjoyable subtle sweetness to the strip steak.

If the description of my experience with the A5 Wagyu strip steak doesn’t encourage you to try a steak from Holy Grail, you must be allergic to steak! When you cook your own A5 or A4 Wagyu steak from Holy Grail it is worth sharing with your family or friends. The strip steak was delicious, but sharing the experience and hearing how everyone reacted was fun and made the steak even better. It was event we will talk about for years.

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