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Steven Raichlen’s 500 Club Members Only Ridiculously Delicious Dinner Plan of the Month!

The Barbecue Bible 500 Club


Exclusively for Official Members of the 500 Club…

Want an opportunity to connect personally with the Master, Steven Raichlen, himself? Read on for how you can!

In “Our Story” on the 500 Club tab on, we wrote about our own journey to complete every recipe in Steven’s award-winning grill book:

“One night, as we were enjoying a dinner that included several of Steven’s fantastic recipes, we wondered, “What is it that’s making all these meals so unbelievably good?” And then we realized. Because we were on a quest to do all 500, we weren’t doing just one of his great recipes in a night and adding some average side dishes of our own. No, we were doing multiple SR recipes in a single dinner, and the more of his that we did, the more ridiculously delicious the meals became from start to finish!”

So…on October 1st, we will be inaugurating our Steven Raichlen’s 500 Club Members Only Ridiculously Delicious Dinner Plan of the Month! If you join in, it is guaranteed to vault your dining experiences and enjoyment of great food into another realm.

What’s your reward besides the great food? For the first ten members to do the plan and post your pictures and ratings here on our Club Facebook page, it’s nothing short of an opportunity to interact with Steven himself on a 30-minute group Zoom call.

Steven has started us off with the first plan, called Steven’s “Best of the Bible”, which we will post on October 1st. Every month, we will enthusiastically invite you, our members, to submit your own dream meal plan from The Barbecue! Bible for other members to try, and a few more plans directly from Steven along the way, of course.

To participate in this opportunity to meet Master Steven personally, look for the first SR5CMORDDPM (catchy, isn’t it?) on October 1st. Grill it, enjoy it, post it, and then get your trickiest barbecue questions ready for Mr. Raichlen!