BBQ 500 Club

The BBQ 500 Club Announces its November Dinner Menu

Catalan - November Menu

If you’re unfamiliar with the “Steven Raichlen BBQ 500 Club,” it’s comprised of enthusiastic barbecuers who are grilling and smoking their way through the groundbreaking book, The Barbecue! Bible, the first book in the Barbecue! Bible series.

Spearheaded by Robert and Alynne Douglass, who ambitiously cooked their way through the book when they were sidelined by the pandemic, the Club has been thriving on Facebook. The group published its first suggested menu last month, and offered a 30 minutes on a Zoom call with Steven to those who are the first to complete the plan and post their photos to Facebook.

Among them were Sam and Charlene Swanlund, who selected this month’s seasonal menu. Here it is, along with page numbers.

November Dinner Menu

Planter’s Punch (55): Serving guests planter’s punch is a sign of hospitality in the Caribbean. Made with a rum and a variety of fresh juices, this beverage is a terrific companion to West Indian-style barbecue.

Planter Punch - November Dinner Menu

– Photo: Samuel Swanlund


Grilled Corn Chowder (92): Corn grilled over live fire with wood smoke takes on an earthy sweetness that can’t be replicated any other way. Serve this chowder to weekend guests or as an appetizer on Thanksgiving.

Grilled Corn Chowder

– Photo: Samuel Swanlund


Grilled Duck with Garlic (290): Whether eaten just by itself or with the Cinnamon Cherry Sauce on page 291, this duck might replace turkey on your Thanksgiving table. It’s a celebratory meal.

Grilled Duck - November Dinner Menu

– Photo: Samuel Swanlund


West Indian Pumpkin Gratin (420): If you cannot find pumpkins (they seem to disappear after Halloween), substitute butternut or another yellow squash.

Pumpkin Gratin

– Photo: Samuel Swanlund


Catalan Cream (519): This recipe came from Barcelona’s Restaurant de les 7 Portes, an establishment that opened in 1836. A small kitchen blowtorch is helpful for caramelizing the tops of this rich and satisfying dessert.

Catalan Cream - November Dinner Menu

– Photo: Samuel Swanlund


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