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Super Bowl LVII – And the Grilling is Easy!

Planet Barbecue - Grilled Chicken Wings

Hi, everybody.    My name is Jake Klein.    Some of you will remember me as the owner of the Jake’s Hand Crafted bar and restaurant in Brooklyn, New York.   Some of you will know me as Steven Raichlen’s stepson and partner in Planet Barbecue®–our line of ready to heat and eat barbecue. 

I’m writing today to tell you about two new products and a very important football game.   The products are our Barbecue Wings and Sriracha Wings.   Both come spiced, smoked, and fully cooked.   Just heat them on the grill or in the oven and you’ve got a wing feast in minutes.

The game is Super Bowl LVII, of course, and Planet Barbecue® is about to make it a lot more fun.

Our new Barbecue Wings are equally remarkable for their vibrant spice and smoke flavor as for the fact that they’re smoked, not deep-fried.   More flavor; less fat.   That’s a win in my book.

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Want to notch up the heat?    Try our new Sriracha Wings—blasted with smoke, fire, and Asian spice.   As always, we use pastured, non-GMO, humanely-raised poultry.   Antibiotic-free and mercifully low in fat. 

Planet Barbecue - BBQ Sriracha Wings

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No Super Bowl spread is complete without sausage and Planet Barbecue® offers some of the best wurst for your party.    Our double-smoked brisket sausage starts with 100% ground brisket loaded with chopped brisket burnt ends.   Smoky?   That’s an understatement.

Planet Barbecue - Smoked Brisket Sauage

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Our Brooklyn Hot Links pay homage to a classic Italian sausage—with a twist.    Think smoky, spicy pork sausage loaded with mozzarella and rosemary.   And don’t think of Super Bowl without it. 

Planet Barbecue - Brooklyn Hot Links

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A Super Bowl bash calls for burgers, and our 28-day aged Burgers come spiced with Steven’s signature barbecue rub.    Want even more flavor?   Try our Inside Out Burgers—28-day aged beef loaded with sharp cheddar and Fontina. 

Planet Barbecue - Burgers

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Did someone say ribs?   Maybe not, but I know that’s what you were thinking.   Our St. Louis-cut ribs start with heritage Duroc pork, slow-smoked over hardwood and slathered with Steven’s Lemon Brown Sugar barbecue sauce.

Planet Barbecue - Cooked Spareribs

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We even have a Texas Hill Country-style brisket that’s as beefy and smoky as a barbecue pit. 

Planet Barbecue - Brisket

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This Super Bowl Sunday, you could spend game day slaving away in the kitchen crafting hot dog stadiums with guacamole playing fields, smoking briskets overnight, or grilling steak sandwiches while you’re cherished team throws that touchdown pass to victory.   

Or you could let Planet Barbecue® do the heavy lifting for you.  

Game on!

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