Introducing a Revolutionary New Charcoal Grill

Start'N'Grill - Hero
Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door.
–Ralph Waldo Emerson


Since man discovered fire, examples of the entrepreneurial spirit in the world of barbecue abound. We’ve come a long way from that first primitive fire used by Homo erectus to the sophisticated stainless steel WiFi-controlled grills available today, our progress engendered by innovative thinkers.

Happily, the evolution of live fire cooking continues.

We’d like to introduce you to a trio of enthusiastic barbecuers, acquaintances of Steven’s, who are intent on “building a better mousetrap.”

Meet Frédéric Petronovic, Mathieu Spriet, and the fortuitously-named James Grill. Frustrated by the amount of time it takes to light coals or wood and nurture them to proper cooking temperatures (even when employing chimney starters), the men invented a kettle grill with an electric fan-driven ventilation system that can produce hot coals in as little as 90 seconds! And the device can be activated with one button on the grill or from your smartphone. (You can even program it for a delayed start.) It’s called Start ‘N’ Grill.

Start ‘N’ Grill

Start 'N' Grill - Indiegogo Campaign

This handsome-looking grill also features a generously-sized work surface, a tool rack, a handy drawer, enameled grill grates, and a wire grid lower shelf.

This innovative riff on a classic 22-inch kettle grill is currently in the prototype stage, but has garnered great interest in Europe. Its inventors are eager to move it into production, which—as you can imagine—requires an investment of capital. The men have turned to a popular crowd-funding app,, in a modest request for help. Your investment will qualify you for a substantial discount on the first grills to come off the line; July—the height of grilling season—is when the trio expects delivery.

Start 'N' Grill

Get more details (as well as videos) by visiting their Indiegogo page.

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