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Introducing Rugby Scott Ranch Provisions, Colorado’s Premier Meats & Specialty Foods Purveyor

Rugby Scott

National Online Ordering of Premium Cuts, Including American Wagyu, Black Angus,
Curated Boxes, and More Begins Today

DENVER, CO (FEBRUARY 27, 2023) – Rugby Scott Ranch Provisions, a Colorado-based meats and specialty products brand, officially launches nationally with online ordering today. Started by Dr. Ryan “Tuck” Tuchscherer, together with Founding Partners Dan Brown and Keghan Hurst, Rugby Scott Ranch Provisions, specializes in flavorful meats of the highest quality from Tuchscherer family farms in Rugby, North Dakota, Fort Scott, Kansas, and Platteville, Colorado.

Rugby Scott Ranch Provisions is built on tradition and heritage. The story of the company begins in 1884 on a rugged homestead in North Dakota where the Tuchscherer family put down roots. The original 160-acre piece of land laid the foundation for five generations of cattle ranchers and farmers. Never wavering from their great-great-grandfather’s legacy to respect the land, raise animals naturally and humanely, and bring real, nourishing food to the table, the Tuchscherers are excited to share their family’s legacy and carefully tended to provisions across the country.

“Rugby Scott Ranch Provisions is more than raising cattle,” says Tuck. “It’s our family’s tradition, and an American tradition, unbound by time and built on wisdom passed down for generations. We couldn’t be more excited to finally offer Rugby Scott Ranch Provisions across the country through our new online ordering platform.”

Dr. Ryan “Tuck” Tuchscherer leads the current generation of farmers from his home in Denver, raising and cultivating the best quality and curated selection of meats, including American Wagyu ribeyes and NY strips, Black Angus steaks, pork sausages, bacon, and other products.

A sampling of available cuts includes:

  • 4 oz A5 Japanese Wagyu Ribeye ($49.99)
  • 12 oz American Wagyu NY Strip ($63.99)
  • 12 oz Black Angus Ribeye Steak ($23.99)
  • 1 lb Black Angus Steak Burgers ($9.99)
  • Black Angus Tomahawk Box ($175.00)
  • Wagyu & Mangalitsa Pork Hot Dogs ($12.99)

Rugby Scott Ranch Provisions combines modern, ethical technologies and rich history, making it the perfect place to find meats and products that will elevate restaurant menus and home cooking. Chefs looking to add Rugby Scott to their menu can work directly with Tuck to select specific cuts and flavor profiles from a bespoke collection of meats available for wholesale restaurant purchase. Home cooks can easily order a la carte or through a variety of subscription options shipped directly to their door.

A brick-and-mortar location will open in Spring 2023 in Denver and will feature a wide selection of meats and complementary spices and seasonings, grilling tools, gifts, live cooking demos, and more.

More information can be found on the Rugby Scott Ranch Provisions website: and on Instagram: @rugbyscottranch.


About Rugby Scott Ranch Provisions

Established in 1884, and launching national distribution in 2023, Rugby Scott Ranch Provisions is a nearly 140 year-old premium meats and specialty foods provider named for fifth-generation, family-owned and operated ranches in Rugby, North Dakota and Fort Scott, Kansas, and a third ranch in Platteville, Colorado. Rugby Scott Ranch Provisions supplies highest quality meats and provisions including American Wagyu ribeyes and NY strips, Black Angus steaks, pork sausages, bacon, and other products across the country through wholesale ordering, via a new e-commerce site, and a soon-to-open store in Denver, Colorado. For more information, please visit

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