BBQ 500 Club

Meet the Swanlunds! Americas First Family of Barbecue!

Meet the Swanlunds! Americas First Family of Barbecue!

The Next Generation of Steven Raichlen trained Global Grill Masters has arrived! Meet the Swanlunds! Americas First Family of Barbecue!

Personally coached by Steven on the conference call last November and guided by SR fans and Master Grillers Sam and Charlene, the Swanlund family blazes the BBQ trail for Gen Alpha into a future far beyond chicken nuggets and mac n cheese!

Now, the First Family of BBQ steps up to deliver their handpicked and personally approved April Ridiculously Delicious Dinner Plan of the Month for the enjoyment of all 500 Club Members and their families!

Drink by Lucy: Minted Limeade USA (p. 62)
“This summery refresher takes advantage of the perfumed oils in the skin of the limes as well as the sour juice of their pulp. The mint adds a cooling touch that’s most welcome next to a hot grill.”

Appetizer by Everly: Grilled Eggplant Dip / Choka Dip Trinidad (p. 82)
“There is no shortage of grilled eggplant dishes in the world but this one – a dip that is a specialty of Trinidad’s Indian community – is one of the few I know of in which the eggplant is studded with garlic cloves before grilling. What results is an incredible depth of flavor.”

Grilled Eggplant and Peppers in Embers

Main by James: Dimples’ Barbecued Chicken Jamaica (p. 255)
“Jerk, especially jerk pork, is so famous in Jamaica, its easy to forget that the island has other barbecued dishes. Among them is this incredibly flavorful, fall off the bone tender chicken, which I enjoyed by flickering torchlight at a riverside eatery called Boar Hill outside Kingston.”

Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Side by Isaac: Potatoes A La Ketchup USA (p.417)
“Yukon Gold potatoes were not available when Barbara was a kid, but we love their buttery flavor when we make this dish today.”

Dessert by Theo: Uptown S’mores USA (p.515)
“Anyone who ever attended camp or a Boy or Girl Scout cookout will remember s’mores. To make them you sandwiched freshly roasted marshmallow between graham crackers and chocolate candy bars. The marshmallows melted the chocolate, which got all over your face and fingers. The overall effect was so tasty, you cried out for s’more! (some more).”

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