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Honey & Soy Spit Roasted Chicken Wings

Whether you are on a journey or just dreaming of one, why go in steerage? Why not go first class? If you want to see the world and know the world’s great grilling traditions, there is no better guide than Steven. He’s been just about everywhere, he truly loves great food, and he is the undisputed Master of Live Fire. Who else is more qualified to lead? In May, you are off to Asia!

This Months Plan by Steven Raichlen for the 500 Club

Meet you at the Bar – Singapore Sling – Singapore (pg. 59)
“It is at the ultra-luxurious Raffles Hotel, where legend has it, in 1915 the Singapore Sling was invented by a Hainanese bartender named Mgiam Ton Boon.”

Getting Warmed Up – Honey Glazed Hong Kong Wings – China (pg. 77)
“Here´s a simple recipe for Hong Kong style chicken wings. Brushing honey on as they cook creates an exceptionally crisp, sweet skin.”

Getting Even Warmer! – Shrimp Mousse Grilled on Sugarcane – Vietnam (pg. 81)
“Chao Tom, shrimp mousse grilled on sugar cane, is one of the most distinctive dishes in Vietnam. Talk about a dazzling contrast of flavors and textures, Chao Tom has it all.”

Take the Right Side for the Trip – Jasmine Rice – Thailand (pg. 428)
“A relative newcomer to North America tables, it’s taken the country by storm. “With its sweet, delicate, almost floral flavor, it’s easy to see why Jasmine rice can be found at Asian markets and specialty food shops.”

You Have Arrived! – Korean Short Ribs – Korea (pg. 167)
“Beef short ribs are something of a national obsession here, served braised to fall off the bone tenderness or savored in the delicate soups and soulful stews for which the Land of Morning Calm is famous.“

At Journey’s End – Balinese Grilled Bananas in Coconut Milk Caramel – Indonesia (pg. 512)
“Imagine a sugar crusted, smokily grilled banana served with a silken caramel sauce flavored with coconut milk, lemongrass, and palm sugar.”

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