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Steven Raichlen’s Planet Barbecue® Episode 102: East Meets West

Barbecued Chicken with Thai Yellow Curry

The second episode of Steven Raichlen’s Planet Barbecue® is upon us!

From caravans on ancient spice routes to navigations of Columbus and Magellan to transoceanic flights of modern airlines, the meeting of East and West has profoundly influenced how we cook and eat. This show takes fusion cuisine to the grill. On the menu? “Good Luck Cluck” (barbecued chicken with Thai curry), Lone Star Kalbi, and a grilled Pork and Cactus Salad bursting with Thai flavors.

Featured Recipe

Good Luck Cluck (Barbecued Chicken with Thai Yellow Curry)

Texas and Thailand intersect masterfully in the San Antonio barbecue restaurant Curry Boys. Originally housed in a Pepto Bismol pink shipping container, Curry Boys recently moved to a proper bricks and mortar building across the street. The fusion of East and West is better than ever. In this recipe, Curry Boys co-founder and first generation Vietnamese American Andrew Ho combines spice-rubbed, barbecued chicken with rich, coconut milk yellow curry.

Barbecued Chicken with Thai Yellow Curry

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