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Steven Raichlen’s Planet Barbecue® 108 – The Brazilian Grill

Picanha with Country Salsa

Brazilians are world masters at the art of the rotisserie. In this show, learn to cook beef, chicken and pork with the proverbial turn. We start with Brazil’s celebrated Picanha (fat cap sirloin)—served with farofa and Country-Style Salsa. Next, Brazilian Pork Loin grilled with Bacon and Prunes and finally Rio Chicken Rollatini. So put on some samba music and get ready to rock the grill.

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Featured Recipe

Picanha with Molho À Campanha and Farofa

Traditionally, Brazilian picanha is spit-roasted to take full advantage of the basting properties of the melting fat. You can also direct grill it—a technique used by grill masters in neighboring Argentina. Yes, more and more Argentineans and Uruguayans are discovering the virtues of this singular beef cut. I hope North America won’t be far behind. If your butcher looks perplexed when you ask for picanha, ask for top cap sirloin.

Picanha with Country Salsa

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