Why the HORL 2 Sharpener is a Kitchen Game Changer

Horl Knife Sharpener

What is the most important tool, gadget, or utensil you use when cooking outdoors? Is it your thermometer, airflow controller, tongs, rotisserie attachment, spray bottle, or butcher paper? One critical utensil when cooking inside or outside is a sharp knife. It doesn’t matter whether you use a $5 or a $100 knife; it needs to be sharp.

A sharp knife is safer for you and better for your food. I want to introduce you to the HORL 2 knife sharpener. Today I am going to explain why a sharp knife is important and how the HORL 2 sharpener makes it easy to keep your knives sharp and ready for action.

HORL 2 Knife Sharpener

A sharp knife is necessary when preparing a brisket, trimming chicken thighs, fileting a fish, slicing, or chopping veggies. A sharp knife makes it easier to carve meat or fish after cooking.

When the blade of a knife is dull you must apply more pressure to chop or slice. The increased pressure can cause food to slip and the increased pressure behind the knife stroke can lead to injury.

Cutting delicate food with a dull knife crushes rather than cuts the food. It will damage the cells in the food and speed up wilting and discoloration. Have you ever cut fresh herbs with a dull knife and noticed your cutting board turned green? All the fresh herb flavor is on the cutting board and not in your food.

Preparing food is often a tedious and time-consuming process and it takes longer when using a dull knife. A sharp knife not only makes the prep work easier but speeds up the entire process.

I have a variety of knives in my kitchen; some are old, some are new. Keeping my knives in a block protects the edges, and extends the life of the older knives, but eventually, they all need to be sharpened. I have tried handheld sharpeners, but the knives do not stay sharp for long. I have also taken my knives to a local hardware store that sharpens knives, but it is too late if I am cooking and notice my knife is not sharp. I have not tried a mail-in sharpening service, but your knives are not available to use if you relinquish them.

The HORL 2 sharpening system is ideal for home sharpening. It definitely sharpens your knives. You do not have to travel out, and you always have your knives ready for use.

The HORL company sent me their newest sharpening system, the HORL 2, and the premium sharpening set. The HORL 2 comes with a grinding wheel and a grinding angle. The diamond grinding disc at one end sharpens, and the ceramic honing disc at the other end “trues” the blade. The grinding angle has a 15-degree angle for filigree sharpness and the 20-degree angle for robust sharpness. The grinding angle is magnetic, so it holds the blade in place while you sharpen your knife. The premium set comes with two corundum whetstones discs for fine and extra fine sharpness. The diamond disc is easily swapped out for the corundum whetstone discs. The premium set comes with HORL leather strap to remove the tiniest particles of grinding residue.

The HORL 2 Knife Sharpener

Here is how it all works: Start with a clean knife. Next, place the grinding angle on a solid surface with the angle you want facing out. Turn the knife upside down with the tip facing away from you and place it against the grinding angle. The magnetic surface will hold the knife in place. Place the grinding wheel on its side with the diamond disc facing the blade of the knife. Gently roll the grinding wheel back and forth to sharpen the blade of your knife. If it is the first time sharpening your knife, this may take a few minutes. Then to refine the edge and maximize the sharpness of your knife turn the grinding wheel around and use the ceramic disc to hone the blade of your knife. Flip the knife around and repeat the process on the other side. Finally, use the leather strap to remove any residue. Now your knife is sharp and ready for action.

Using The HORL 2

To test the HORL 2 sharpening system I tried to cut a tomato and chop fresh herbs with the old, dull knife from my kitchen. I used a 6.5-inch chef’s knife. This knife has not been used in years since I have newer sharper knives.

Here is what I discovered using a dull knife: I had to exert more force to slice the tomato. I had to move the knife back and forth like a saw to finish slicing the tomato. I also noticed my opposite hand working harder to keep the tomato in place while slicing. I was able to chop fresh parsley, but noticed it looked smashed and abused and my cutting board was turning green.


Next, I sharpened my knife using the HORL 2 sharpener. It took only a few minutes. I then cut another tomato. The knife did the work, I did not have to apply extra force through the knife and my opposite hand was more relaxed holding the tomato. I chopped a second batch of parsley, and it retained its fresh green color and my cutting board remained white.



My experiment with the HORL 2 sharpening system confirms my opinion that a sharp knife is safer, speeds up my prep work in the kitchen, and is better for my food. With the addition of the HORL 2 sharpening system to my kitchen tools, all my knives will be sharp and ready for whatever is on the menu.

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