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Gulf Coast Shrimp Boil with Texas Toast

The Gulf Coast extends from the Florida Keys to the Yucatán Peninsula. You’ll find some of the most vibrant seafood and distinctive grilling in the Americas. From Grilled Oysters with Charred Corn Salsa to a Gulf Coast grill-top Shrimp Boil. And a spectacular Grilled Snapper “Zarandeado” prepared by Mexican grill master Alejandro Gutierrez. In this show, we’re fishing for compliments from the Gulf Coast grill.

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Gulf Coast Shrimp Boil with Texas Toast

The shrimp boil is a Gulf Coast institution, with the ingredients varying according to where you are on the Gulf Coast. The Planet Barbecue version brings one unique technique to the preparation, and it involves, you guessed it, the grill. Grilling the vegetables and seafood prior to adding them to the broth imparts a distinctive smoke flavor—think of this as shrimp boil meets live fire. Use the Texas toast for mopping up the broth.

Gulf Coast Shrimp Boil with Texas Toast

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